a visit to the old family factory


I’ve been in Cincinnati for almost a week now. Today is my dad’s birthday and our big outing was to a building in Norwood that once housed my family’s company: The Palm Brothers Decal Company. Over the past few years, my father’s passion for delving back into these roots has intensified.

Typical of Cincinnati, crossed-paths led us to meet the people currently working in this building, who have renovated about half of the spaces for their offices and plan to expand and continue renovating the rest.

Betsy, a friend of my parents is one of the higher-ups of the new company there, was generous enough to lead us through the building for a tour that was a discovery for some and a trip down memory lane for others.

I had a great time exploring the space with the camera I got for Christmas – a gift that has been underused since I received it as school work has had me swamped the past few months. Nothing more art-student-y than photos of industrial ruins, eh? Well, here are a few of my favorite shots…

lithography stone

open space


stock room

flat file

schlitz decal


red door

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2 thoughts on “a visit to the old family factory

  1. Tracy Schmidt says:

    Today when we were researching Otto Hans Palm, who had our house in Asheville built, we discovered that he was one of the Palm Brothers in this company. I came across your blog and it’s interesting to see pictures of the factory. If you or your family is ever interested in seeing the house in Asheville let me know. And if your family has any information on the house (the architect in particular), we’d be very interested. Thank you!

    • thejesspress says:

      Hi there Tracy, thanks for getting in touch. I’m sure my parents would be very interested in talking about the Otto’s house in Asheville! What’s the best way to get in touch with you? (The email you’ve left with this comment, maybe?) I’ll pass this onto them, if that’s the case!

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