wednesday afternoons

Rebecca's rum-egg nog.

One of the best parts of this job, being a primary school teaching assistant, is that you always have Wednesdays off. It’s like a taste of the weekend, midweek. That chance to sleep in that I was begging for on Tuesday morning at 7:45am. Well, today I ended up getting up anyways. A little more slowly, but I still got up with the rooster’s crow. I had my meeting with the director of the masters program I’ve got my eye on and I’m glad to report that he was quite encouraging and the program sounds right up my alley. Application seems imminent!

She has THE greatest coffee table.

Not a lot else to say right now. But I do have some photos. These are the kind of photo that Edd teases me about. I’m trying to crack Laura Dolle’s macro secret. And I also must give Sarah a good deal of the credit for a couple of these, as we often goof around with the camera while drinking our coffee on Wednesday afternoons. She’s taken some of the best shots here…

Today's creation...

Mark bittman's olive oil cake!

Somewhere, there is a math problem that goes with this photo.

The best up-the-nose portrait I've ever been taken in.

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One thought on “wednesday afternoons

  1. sarah says:

    it’s wednesday again!!!

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