this must be the lion


My big snowy bottle.

I really wanted to teach that March “comes in like a lion and out like a lamb” to my kids a couple of weeks ago when I was drilling them on the months of the year. Partly because it’s the kind of quippy thing that was drilled into my head in school and partly because I was imagining that they were all dying of curiosity about the flash card for March. I just imagined them sitting there puzzled and wondering “But what’s the significance of this lion head and this funny lamb?” In the end, I’m pretty sure they don’t care.

But this is definitely one of those days where you find yourself talking about the weather with strangers, colleagues and friends. I personally have complained to friends and Edd about it and commiserated with two cashiers at the grocery store. It has been snowing here since I woke up at 8 am and now its drifting up on the balcony to a whopping depth of 3-4 centimeters!

A squared block of sun rising over our building in the morning last week.

I know this is sort of a ridiculous thing to complain about, given that some of my readers were recently trudging through the snowpocalyose. But I do believe it reveals that I’m becoming as spoiled as a real Toulousaine, who are rumored to not be “waterproof.” To make matters worse, the weather had seemed to be showing signs of perking up a bit since my last post. For starters, the sun made a few appearances, the wind calmed down, and it warmed up.


Forget about fancy plating.

I will take this bout of snowy weather though and use it to appreciate the end of winter cooking. Although after my parents left, we had sort of OD’d on cheese. That phase quickly passed however, thanks to Edd’s splurge on aligot at St. Aubin, a leek gratin broiled to perfection, and a huge sack of cheese leftovers. And to be continued tonight with mushroom risotto, essentially just another warm, gooey medium to melt a heap of freshly grated parmesan into.

Sarah's hands say it all.

Besides the bipolar weather and my obsession with cheese though, there has been a bit of chipping away at my massive to-do list for the masters program. I’m all signed up to take the TCF in the beginning of April and fingers crossed, it won’t be an issue that the results come back after the deadline for the dossier I actually need them for. I went to the ophthalmologist and got a general check-up too, experiencing the wonders of the spinning magic machine table that apparently all opthalmolos have in France. And this weekend, the hunt for the perfect pair of frames ensued. I’m pumped to use my shiny new carte vitale and nifty mutuelle to get a total deal on these new glasses. The flip side though is that there are so many choices: of where to shop and the styles of frames. Of course, the other major problem is that I tend to deliberate over decisions like this for weeks. My parents told me that Edd deserves a merit badge for going out with me Saturday, filing through countless shops and big chain stores, and voting on many, many frame options. Oof, and that was just the first round! Let me know if you have any suggestions, my loyal readers…

These are my current specs.

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